When is LAWSKI?

The key LAWSKI events held in Thredbo run from Thursday 1 August 2019 to Sunday 4 August 2019.   There is also a registration party held in Sydney the week prior, on Thursday 25 July.

This means to enjoy 4 fun-packed days in the snow, you generally only need to take two days of annual leave (ie Thursday 1 August & Friday 2 August).  If you are really pushed due to work or other commitments, you can come to LAWSKI on Friday morning (ie one day’s leave required) or even depart Sydney at Friday COB and ski the weekend only.

How to get there & back?

Typically, people drive in car pools with people from their team/organisation.  In the past, some firms have organised privately chartered buses from/to Sydney.  If you are interested in exploring this option, give us a shout at info@lawski.com.au.

Where do we stay?

You are free to stay anywhere in Thredbo you wish, but most teams organise their own accommodation and stay together in ski lodges. Please contact us at accommodation@lawski.com.au if you would like assistance with accommodation options.

What events are part of LAWSKI?

Many! LAWSKI’s events include:

  • A Registration / Pre-Departure Cocktail Party (in Sydney), usually held the week before the trip (likely Thursday 25 July)
  • “Freeze Down” (aka warm up) drinks at Piano Lounge Bar, Thredbo Alpine Hotel on Thursday 1 August
  • A new “on the mountain” drinks on Friday afternoon – TBA
  • Welcome Cocktail Party at Keller Bar, Thredbo Alpine Hotel on Friday 2 August.
  • Ski race (optional!) on the morning of Saturday 3 August
  • Post-race lunch on Saturday 3 August
  • A Black Tie Dinner at the Kosciusko Room, Thredbo Alpine Hotel on Saturday 3 August
  • As much skiing as you want on Sunday 4 August before you head home.

How about the cost of Thredbo lift passes and entry into the race?

LAWSKI has an arrangement to buy wholesale lift passes from Thredbo, so you can add your Thredbo lift pass on top your LAWSKI entry.  Passes from 1 day to 4.5 days are available.

However, if you already have a Thredbo season pass (or other valid lift pass covering the LAWSKI dates), then you don't need to include these add ons.

All the costs and pass options are set out here.

Every LAWSKI pass includes optional race entry, so there are no additional fees for the race.


Can I bring partners/friends? Do they have to be lawyers?

You can bring whoever you want. LAWSKI participants don’t have to be lawyers at all – anyone can come and enjoy our events.

The only event that has some rules regarding “legal qualifications” is participation in the race itself – which is entirely optional. The full details of the race rules are set out here.