When is LAWSKI?

The key LAWSKI events held in Thredbo run from Thursday 16 September 2021 to Sunday 19 Septemer 2021.   There is also a registration party held in Sydney the week prior.

This means to enjoy 4 fun-packed days in the snow, you generally only need to take two days of annual leave.

How to get there & back?

Typically, people drive in car pools with people from their team/organisation.  In the past, some firms have organised privately chartered buses from/to Sydney.  If you are interested in exploring this option, give us a shout at info@lawski.com.au.

Can I bring partners/friends? Do they have to be lawyers?

You can bring whoever you want. LAWSKI participants don’t have to be lawyers at all – anyone can come and enjoy our events.

The only event that has some rules regarding “legal qualifications” is participation in the race itself – which is entirely optional. The full details of the race rules are set out here.

“It’s been a year…. what does my Social Pass get me again?!”

The Social Pass includes:

  • LAWSKI Goodie Bag
  • Sydney Registration Party
  • Thursday “Freeze Down” Drinks
  • Friday On-mountain Drinks Event
  • Friday Keller Bar Party
  • LAWSKI Race Entry (optional, for those eligible)
  • Saturday Post-Race Lunch
  • Saturday Black Tie Presentation Dinner 

“Like Uni, I’m just looking for a Pass….”

For the lucky people who already have accommodation in Thredbo, two things: 

  • first, you can nominate to deduct the accommodation component, and save $375
    (i.e. your Social Pass & Race Entry will cost $375); and
  • secondly, just remember how much time the committee volunteers when you have some free beds that need filling….]

“Will I get the accommodation I ask for?”

Yes, subject to the “First Come, First Served” policy.

The LAWSKI Organising Committee is dedicating significant additional time and effort to enhance LAWSKI by bringing everyone to stay together.  But we know you understand that this comes with a raft of administrative challenges. We thank you for your understanding as we embark on this exciting new chapter for LAWSKI. 

When submitting Registration forms (via email), we invite Teams to submit their accommodation preferences (in terms of option and room configurations). Please clearly state in the accompanying and clarify who is to share rooms. We will then be in touch with your allocation details held. Nothing will be 100% confirmed until invoices are paid. 

 “So now my Rego Form is in, how will the accommodation be allocated?”

Upon submitting a Registration form, LAWSKI will verify what accommodation remains available (consistent with the “first come, first served” policy) and reply to that Team with an invoice, setting out the accommodation (which will be held provisionally for a few days to permit payment).  

That invoice will need to be paid within a couple of days to ensure the accommodation is secured. 

You lost me at “Registrations are open”!”

Still have questions? No worries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on email at accommodation@lawski.com.au.